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  Radiology Furniture & PACS WorkStations
PACS Workstaion - Height Adjustable Table and Monitor Arm Set
AFC Industries is a leading designer and manufacturer of a complete line of high-quality Medical and Radiology Reading Room furniture.

Ergonomic workstations are of major importance in today’s film-less radiology and healthcare environment. The interpreting physician faces some unique challenges and AFC Industries provides unique Ergonomic Workstation Solutions

AFC products represent excellent value: outstanding modular design and a complete section of Ergonomic accessories to meet today’s changing workstation environment.

OR (Operating Room), Emergency Room - Point of Care Cart - Pneumatic Height Adjustment Dual Tier PACS Workstation
Corner PACS Workstation Telescopic Cart Bean Shaped Computer Desk
MobiCube ™ Intelli Cart Electric Adjustable Corner PACS Workstation
Er·go·nom·ics: (ûr' ge-nõm' îks)
The applied science of equipment design, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort at your workplace.
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